Location and Surroundings

Leiden: City of discoveries

In the centre of Leiden you can feel the atmosphere of the golden age. When walking true Leiden you truly feel the past come to life due to the canals, listed buildings and numerous alleys. There are several museums which are a true treasure of knowledge, culture and science.

Leiden is the place where Rembrandt van Rijn was born and where he learned the art of painting. Medic Boerhaave was a teacher here and over four hundred years ago, Clusius was the one that grew the first Dutch tulips at the Hortus Botanicus of Leiden.

The academic of the university, the Waag and the borough, the beautiful mansions next to the vamous Rapenburg, the impressive Pieters church and the Hooglandse church. They each show you a little bit about the history of Leiden.
www.gildeleiden.nl offers numerous readings. You can visit www.visiteleiden.nl for more information about this region.

The Open Monuments Days are a nationwide yearly event. During these days Leiden offers numerous monuments to visit. Visit www.leiden.nl for year-round information about these monuments.

Downtown Leiden counts over 35 courtyards with alms-houses surrounding them. Entering one of these courtyards is like traveling back in time. If you would like to visit one of these courtyards you can participate in a special courtyard tour brought to you by the VVV.

Visit www.hollandtourguides.nl for city tours, bicycle tours and excursions throughout Holland.


No other city in Holland has the amount of museums that Leiden has to offer. The museums of Leiden offer a vast array of art and culture of past and present all within walking distance of our hotel.

Stedelijk Museum The Lakenhal

The Lakenhal owns several collections  of masterpieces by Lucas van Leyden, Rembrandt van Rijn and Jan Steen. Unique collections of tiles, silver and glass can be found in its stylish halls. For more information visit www.lakenhal.nl
Address: Oude Singel 28-32, Leiden.

Het Sieboldhuis

A beautiful historic building which sits beside the most famous canal of The Netherlands, the Rapenburg, houses Japanese museum Het Sieboldhuis. Here you can admire imprints, lacquer art, fossils, ceramic, herbariums, coins, clothes, stuffed animals and hundreds of other Japanese treasures. For more information visit www.sieboldhuis.org
Address: Rapenburg 19, Leiden

Hortus Botanicus

Sinds the 1950’s, Hortus Botanicus is the garden of studies belonging to The University of Leiden. It is a copy of the vamous Clusius Garden, named after the founder Carolus Clusius. Four centuries worth of collecting, caretaking and studies make for a beautifully decorated garden housing a wide variety exotic and unknown crops, more information regarding this breath-taking  garden can be found at www.hortusleiden.nl
Address: Rapenburg 73, Leiden

Rijksmuseum of Antiquities

At the Rijksmuseum of antiquities, countless treasures of rich and ancient cultures can be found. It’s pride being the world famous collection of ancient Egyptian mummies and sarcophagus. Numerous Dutch archaeologic finds as well  as finds from the Middle East, Greece and Rome. Visit www.rmo.nl for more information about this museum.
Address: Rapenburg 28, Leiden

Rijksmuseum of Ethnology

Thanks to several collectors, this museum houses a world-famous collection of a wide variety of none-western cultures from around the world. Ethnological collections from Indonesia to Oceania, from China to Korea, from Japan to the Poles and through North, Central and South America to Africa and Asia.  Visit www.volkenkunde.nl for more information about this beautiful museum.
Address: Steenstraat 1, Leiden


Apart from the big museums there are countless smaller museums and galleries waiting to be explored. Even more interesting museums can be found just outside of the city. Go to www.visiteleiden.nl for more information

Visit www.museumgroep.nl for detailed information on all of the museums and exhibitions in this area. For information on Naturalis visit www.naturalis.nl/en

Leiden American Pilgrim museum.

Housed within  a beautifully preserved 14th century dwelling house in downtown Leiden. The interior shows a collection of 16th and 17th century cards and etches which show aspects of the life of the Pilgrim Fathers. More information can be found at www.rootsweb.ancestry.com

Address: Beschuitsteeg 9, Leiden.

Boerhaave Museum

Named after the legendary professor Herman Boerhaave(1668 – 1738), who single-handedly made the University of Leiden into the most famous university of Europe. Five centuries of scientific and physics experiments brought together in the former St. Caecilia Gasthuis. More information on this can be found at www.museumboerhaave.nl
Address: Lange St. Agnietenstraat 10, Leiden

The coast

Leiden lies within biking distance of Katwijk, Noordwijk and Wassenaar. Behind the breath-taking dunes in this area lay endless beaches with cosy beach bars and beautiful walking paths through forests and dunes. In Katwijk you find the Katwijks Museum which tells the stories about the turbulent times of the fishery, were a lot of inhabitants of Katwijk lost their lives, but at the same time bringing the town of Katwijk lots of good things. Check out www.vvvkatwijk.nl for more information.

The Churches

Leiden counts numerous churches. From hidden churches within houses to the vast Hooglandse Church and the impressive Pieters Church. There is a guided walking tour that takes you to all of Leiden’s churches. For more information on these tours visit www.visiteleiden.nl

The Keukenhof

At about 10 miles from Leiden lies the Keukenhof. Apart from the millions of flowering bulbs and fascinating flower shows you it houses the biggest sculpture garden of the Netherlands. Check out www.keukenhof.nl for more information


One of the unique things about Leiden is the amount of mills within its city limits. There are nine of them, a few of which are open to the public. Near the Rembrandt Hotel stands “De Valk” mill. Within this mill you find a mill museum. “De Valk” is a flour mill from the year 1743. All its seven floors are open to the public. More information on this beautiful mill can be found at www.molenmuseumdevalk.nl

Sawmill de Heesterboom. One of the best preserved mills in all of the Netherlands is Sawmill de Heesterboom. You find this mill at Haagweg 57 or via phone number 5611236. It opens Saturday’s from 10:00 till 16:00. You will have to make reservation to see the insides of this beautiful mill.

De Put mill, Galgewater. Near the Rembrandt bridge. Phone number 5120279. Opens Saturday’s from 11:00 till 18:00 and Sunday’s from 14:00 till 18:00. On Saturday’s the miller is usually present.

A special tour guides you to all of the nine mills of Leiden. More information on this tour can be found at www.visiteleiden.nl

Leiden true the canals

Thanks to the countless beautiful canals the option to view Leiden from a boat is one to keep in mind. There are countless boat tours. Some of which start at the Beestenmarkt near the Rembrandt Hotel. It is also possible to rent a boat of your own, these come in various types. From the harbour in downtown Leiden and the Zijlsingel large cruise ships set sail true the “green heart” of the Netherlands. Again, more information can be found on www.visiteleiden.nl

Restaurants and Bars of Leiden

Because Leiden is a student city you will find countless cosy café’s and many affordable restaurants often situated in beautiful monumental buildings. All together they house all the cuisines you can think of. Thai, Indian, Chinese, Turkish, French, Italian and Mexican are only a few examples of what can be found within our city limits. Even if you are looking for a nice lunch or an afternoon drink Leiden offers a lot. Just ask our receptionist and she will help you on your way.